• The body
    the mind
    and the spirit
    heals with play,
    heals with laughter
    heals with joy
  • Health is like money
    until we lose it
    ... we never have a true idea of its value.
    Josh Billings
  • Love yourself
    enough to live a healthy lifestyle.

Occupational Health Medicals

Get cleared for duty!

Our Occupational Health Medicals are strictly focused on the hazards that employees are exposed too. Our comprehensive medicals include tests such as spirometry, audiology, vision screening, X-rays, working at heights and biological monitoring.

Are you at risk?

The most common fatal illnesses are cardiovascular disease and cancer. While these and other potentially deadly conditions have a variety of causes, surviving any of them depends largely on prevention and early detection.
Regular medical exams and testing can save your life, whether you're 20 or 65.
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